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Kaira IoT Platform

Industrial Low-Power and Mobile IoT Solution
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Kaira is an industrial low-power and mobile IoT solution for measuring a process, product, or service. Kaira provides live data on the process or product, and the information enables you to both react to problems and be proactive to prevent them.

Solution is based on ready-made components that offer a quick and cost-effective way for proofing the benefits of an IoT solution. Possibilities for customization provide flexibility and wide range of options, and after a Proof of Concept, Kaira supports your path in productization.

Kaira is THE platform for proofing the value of IoT for your business

Kaira’s Features and Functionalities

Kaira is a platform that includes everything from sensors to communication and cloud services with a dashboard. Kaira uses a mobile communication gateway for gathering data from sensors and sending it to the cloud and it accumulates big data from small streams with MS Azure services. Information from big data is displayed on a web dashboard.

  1. Sensor(s) collect data for e.g. temperature, acceleration, speed, pressure, fluid conductivity, etc.
  2. Data is transmitted wirelessly to a mobile gateway device
  3. Gateway sends the data wirelessly to cloud
  4. Azure cloud services analyze the data and display results on a dashboard

Kaira Is Industrial

Kaira is at its best in industrial conditions: It can be integrated directly with customer’s hardware and circuit board can be designed using according to customer’s needs. Kaira design is focused on cost-efficiency, not in fashionable product design.

The sensors can include for example high pressure or conductivity that are not found in consumer product IoT offerings. With Kaira you get the best of both sides: Ready-made components, but fully customizability too. Project start-up costs are lower with standardized software and hardware parts, and less time is consumed in setting up environments.

Kaira Is Mobile and Low-Power

Kaira can be installed to any location, be it a factory, remote measuring station or even a moving vehicle. Connectivity to cloud is provided using mobile data. Different options for powering the system – battery, mains electricity or even energy harvesting can be used.

Both hardware and software are optimized for low power consumption, e.g. going into sleep mode when not active. Therefore, the system can be configured to operate with small batteries for months or even years.

Kaira Includes

The basic solution includes a complete set for making an IoT Proof of Concept for your business.

  • Data analysis platform for IoT built on MS Azure
  • Software for the data pipeline from sensors to the cloud
  • Demo set of sensors (component selection and sourcing, sensor selection, custom connectors and wiring, housing)
  • Gateway for communication
  • Web dashboard for data visualization

It is also easy to add features and modify the design based on your needs. On top of the basic set, you can add for example:

  • Additional sensors and their configuration
  • Remote device management
  • Power management design
  • Circuit board design, sourcing, production & testing
  • Integrations
  • Electromagnetic compatibility testing
  • Custom antenna design
  • Design for high volume mass production

Pricing for additional features depends case by case based on the selected features.

Contact our sales and take the full advantage of IoT for you with Kaira!

Adaptive QA

Adaptive Quality Assurance as a Service
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Quality assurance is more than just testing. Symbio’s Adaptive QA (Adaptive Quality Assurance) is a one-stop shop for all quality assurance services. As the name implies, our service is fully customizable and adapts to your needs as projects progress. For example, a service can be designed to focus only on a specific testing phase or to cover a larger part of the process.

We take care of the quality assurance and testing of your product throughout its life cycle.

The Adaptive QA service is customized using following elements:
Tools: reporting, error tracking and CI/CD integrations, test automation
Testing: Functional and non-functional testing
Metrics: Monitoring both error correction and the overall product quality
Quality Assurance management: Testing process design, testing plans, creating and tracking metrics, reporting and collaboration with the development team

Quality assurance cost-effectively and around the clock

Symbio’s Adaptive QA is the best option when you 1) plan to develop a demanding product or service, 2) want an external quality partner to ensure compliance with selected quality functions and standards, 3) want to increase productivity or accelerate market entry, 4) want to focus on your own strengths and outsource quality assurance to an experienced and a reliable partner.

Our service model can be built either entirely from a team of experts in Finland or from a combination of Finnish and Chinese experts, bringing the advantage of scalability. For example, software developed in Finland during the day is tested overnight in Chengdu, China, and a quality assurance report will be in developer’s hands the next morning.

In all cases, you can count on our holistic approach!


Quality Assurance by Robot Assisted Testing
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QARAT is Symbio’s 3rd generation robot assisted QA solution. The solution consists both of a robot arm that can operate all kinds of user interfaces, as well as a software for running testing procedures.

QARAT goes beyond platform boundaries and application specific requirements. Repeatability, functionality, and stability are the strong characteristics of this solution. A true operating system agnostic solution, QARAT can handle UI response, user interaction, graphic performance, data integrity and security areas of any end user product.

Suitable for all testing needs

QARAT is the ultimate solution for non-intrusive black-box testing, which examines the functionality of the software. It is immediately applicable to your existing and possible new systems for both functional and non-functional testing. The truly platform independent nature of this solution handles embedded systems and proprietary systems, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Unix and much more.

QARAT is well capable of handling application and device testing in any language or framework.

With QARAT, it is easy to test applications for system reliability and perceived UI performance. Capabilities like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and icon detection enable UI changes without extensive rework on test automation scripts.

Benefits of QARAT: Streamline testing process, minimize mistakes

  • No need for humans doing the testing. Robot aided testing performs as an end-user would interact with a device
  • Real products are tested instead of using a testing simulator, leading to better reliability in test results
  • Savings on setting up testing framework infrastructure and developer’s work on testing
  • Less hassle with test code maintenance when the UI changes or hot fixes are provided
  • Available for 24/7 testing

Customer comments on QARAT

ABB was looking for a non-intrusive black box testing solution to make sure their apps provide the ultimate user experience and performance. QARAT was an ideal choice that immediately plugged into the existing test automation practices for both functional and non-functional testing.

It provided ABB with platform independent testing 24/7 capabilities across their product range. QARAT provides Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and icon detection capabilities in testing, so it saves the developers and test automation professionals from extensive rework on test automation scripts following software updates or other related changes.

Symbio Elysian

Embedded In-Vehicle Infotainment & IoT Made Easy
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Symbio Elysian is the embedded Linux platform for building In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) and Internet of Things (IoT) products. Elysian can be used, for example, to build an in-vehicle entertainment system using a touch screen, or to develop a user interface to IoT solution. It provides ready-to-use solutions e.g., for connectivity, media playback, security, stability, power management and easy system updates.

Elysian is THE platform for building In-Vehicle Infotainment and Internet of Things products.

Flexible & Tailored

Elysian is configurable, modular, agnostic to any specific UI/UX framework and works on any hardware that can run Linux. This allows easy customization of the platform to specific product needs. You can select the services for the desired features and deliver a unique user experience with Elysian.

Elysian for Automotive

In the Automotive segment Elysian is targeted at providing a cost-efficient and high-performing solution at the same time. It is loaded with features such as global radio, audio and video player functionality, rear-view-camera support, vehicle control functions, Bluetooth connectivity and hands-free phone management.

Through the Symbio Connected Car library, high performance, and pre-certified implementations of all smartphone replication standards such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are provided ready-to-use as part of Elysian. Android Auto Wireless and CarPlay over wireless are also supported.

For Automotive Elysian brings cost-efficiency and high-performance. For IoT products, it is a ready-to-use platform.

Elysian for IoT

As an IoT platform Elysian provides higher-end IoT devices with increased security, stability, updateability, power management and robustness. It ensures that you can concentrate on developing the differentiating features for your product, instead of wasting efforts in productizing basic embedded functionalities.

Symbio Connected Car

The most efficient solution for CarPlay and Android Auto
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Symbio Connected Car is a smartphone integration solution supporting CarPlay and Android Auto. Smartphone integration makes it possible to easily connect and use a mobile phone in the car. For example, you can listen to music, get information about which route to take, and use the phone’s apps and functions via the car’s center display.

Symbio has been working with Apple (CarPlay) and Google (Android Auto) standards and technologies since 2013. First products with Symbio SCC powered smartphone projection started mass production in 2015. Since then, SCC has been delivered and integrated to millions of cars globally.


Symbio Connected Car is running on the road on many different hardware and software platforms. SCC architecture and development has platform agnostic approach. Adaptation exists and products have been certified for different operating systems such as Linux, Android, RTOS and WEC7 on many different hardware platforms, for example Renesas, NXP, Telechips and Qualcomm.

Superior smartphone integration supporting CarPlay and Android Auto.

Experienced team

Knowing the specification and the technologies inside-out helps our experienced team to support our customers for the whole lifecycle of product development, from concepting, to integration and certification of CarPlay and Android Auto, in best possible way.

We can help you in the following areas:

  • Services and solutions for next generation infotainment systems, driver assistance systems and telematics solutions
  • Prototyping and rapid deployment of new technologies in production systems
  • Productization and integration services
  • Performance analysis and optimization services
  • Automotive telecommunications solutions

Design Sprint

Method for solving business challenges
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Design Thinking is a way of thinking that combines user centricity, technical feasibility, and business opportunities of an idea. With design thinking you gain deep understanding of your customer’s problems and solve them. Design thinking is a great way to avoid the traditional product development challenge: developing a new product or service based on assumptions and ending up in a situation where customers are not interested in buying it.

Create and test ideas in one week.

Design Sprint is a tool where you 1) define the problem, 2) create ideas, 3) select the best from the many ideas, 4) create a prototype of it, and 5) test the prototype with users. All this in just one week. Symbio brings a facilitator and a technical expert to the Design Sprint workshop, and they work together with the client in solving the challenge. Design Sprint is suitable for developing products and services as well as business processes.

Find the right problem and the best solution for it.

During the sprint:

  • You will learn more about your customers
  • You crystallize the problem
  • You will quickly find the best solutions
  • You get genuine feedback from users about your product or service
  • You commit your team to a solution

Design Sprint can be customized to suit your needs, from a half-day workshop to a full-fledged five-day sprint. We also implement Design Sprint workshops using remote tools. In the remote workshops we use a web-based collaboration platform, which allows participants to work from anywhere in the world.

Prototype brings the idea to life

Design Sprint’s goal is to create ideas and customer experiences of which the most promising are implemented into prototypes. Feedback from customers using the prototype confirms the market demand and whether the solution is worth commercializing. Rapid prototypes are implemented without technical functionalities, with methods such as images on a mobile device or on paper. If a lightweight prototype proves to work, a technical prototype, Proof of Concept, can be implemented typically in a few months. Symbio has strong experience in building rapid prototypes and scaling them to quality products. Check out our Design Sprint examples in the articles!

Don’t hesitate to contact us in any matter, big or small.

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