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Quality Assurance by Robot Assisted Testing

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QARAT is Symbio’s 3rd generation robot assisted QA solution. The solution consists both of a robot arm that can operate all kinds of user interfaces, as well as a software for running testing procedures.

QARAT goes beyond platform boundaries and application specific requirements. Repeatability, functionality, and stability are the strong characteristics of this solution. A true operating system agnostic solution, QARAT can handle UI response, user interaction, graphic performance, data integrity and security areas of any end user product.

Suitable for all testing needs

QARAT is the ultimate solution for non-intrusive black-box testing, which examines the functionality of the software. It is immediately applicable to your existing and possible new systems for both functional and non-functional testing. The truly platform independent nature of this solution handles embedded systems and proprietary systems, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Unix and much more.

QARAT is well capable of handling application and device testing in any language or framework.

With QARAT, it is easy to test applications for system reliability and perceived UI performance. Capabilities like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and icon detection enable UI changes without extensive rework on test automation scripts.

Benefits of QARAT: Streamline testing process, minimize mistakes

  • No need for humans doing the testing. Robot aided testing performs as an end-user would interact with a device
  • Real products are tested instead of using a testing simulator, leading to better reliability in test results
  • Savings on setting up testing framework infrastructure and developer’s work on testing
  • Less hassle with test code maintenance when the UI changes or hot fixes are provided
  • Available for 24/7 testing

Customer comments on QARAT

ABB was looking for a non-intrusive black box testing solution to make sure their apps provide the ultimate user experience and performance. QARAT was an ideal choice that immediately plugged into the existing test automation practices for both functional and non-functional testing.

It provided ABB with platform independent testing 24/7 capabilities across their product range. QARAT provides Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and icon detection capabilities in testing, so it saves the developers and test automation professionals from extensive rework on test automation scripts following software updates or other related changes.

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