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Adaptive QA

Adaptive Quality Assurance as a Service

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Quality assurance is more than just testing. Symbio’s Adaptive QA (Adaptive Quality Assurance) is a one-stop shop for all quality assurance services. As the name implies, our service is fully customizable and adapts to your needs as projects progress. For example, a service can be designed to focus only on a specific testing phase or to cover a larger part of the process.

We take care of the quality assurance and testing of your product throughout its life cycle.

The Adaptive QA service is customized using following elements:
Tools: reporting, error tracking and CI/CD integrations, test automation
Testing: Functional and non-functional testing
Metrics: Monitoring both error correction and the overall product quality
Quality Assurance management: Testing process design, testing plans, creating and tracking metrics, reporting and collaboration with the development team

Quality assurance cost-effectively and around the clock

Symbio’s Adaptive QA is the best option when you 1) plan to develop a demanding product or service, 2) want an external quality partner to ensure compliance with selected quality functions and standards, 3) want to increase productivity or accelerate market entry, 4) want to focus on your own strengths and outsource quality assurance to an experienced and a reliable partner.

Our service model can be built either entirely from a team of experts in Finland or from a combination of Finnish and Chinese experts, bringing the advantage of scalability. For example, software developed in Finland during the day is tested overnight in Chengdu, China, and a quality assurance report will be in developer’s hands the next morning.

In all cases, you can count on our holistic approach!

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