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We solve highly complex technology problems with highly motivated experts.

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We are experts in software development, be it a cloud, IoT, embedded, or automotive solution. Our hearts always beat for a high-quality code.

Embedded Software Development and Device Design

Symbio designs, develops, and delivers turn-key solutions for your embedded device needs.
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Symbio designs, develops, and delivers turn-key solutions for your embedded device needs. We are experts in developing software for embedded devices and designing cost-efficient hardware systems. Together with your business owners, our experts analyze the use cases and design the most suitable software and hardware to meet your current and future requirements.

Modular and Customized

From Proof-of-Concept prototypes to mass manufacturing of millions of units, we either use readily available software and hardware modules, or we produce a completely original design. Our experts can future-proof the design to be re-usable and expandable, optimizing the Bill of Materials (BOM) while leaving room for new use cases and applications.

We are experts in developing software for embedded devices and designing cost-efficient hardware systems.

Product Concepting

During product concepting phase, business case is turned into requirements for entire system. Typical deliveries of product concepting phase are:

  • Key HW component evaluation and selection
  • UI element evaluation and selection (buttons, LEDs, displays, etc.)
  • Initial system SW architecture
  • Functional prototypes
  • Power and battery management design
  • Preliminary component placement and PCB size estimation
  • PCB design
  • Antenna design
  • Component sourcing
  • Industrial design direction
  • Material selections
  • 3D prints of design
  • Tooling strategy
  • Mechanical construction concept
  • BOM cost estimation
  • Full prototype quality system for testing and demonstration

Turn-Key Delivery

With our in-house capability combined with our partner network, we can deliver full embedded solution, from cloud service to hardware as a sole supplier. We perform all the necessary measurements and global certifications and find the most suitable manufacturer. At all points of the project, you have a full visibility on progress and schedule.

Cloud and IoT Edge Solutions

Cloud Solutions for Your Needs
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We design and implement custom cloud-native software solutions. Whatever cloud service provider you are using, we can help with getting all the benefits from cloud-based platform. Our approach is cloud agnostic as we have built solutions with all the major platforms: Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

We have wide knowledge of the available cloud services. This makes it possible to design cost-effective cloud architectures while keeping future requirements in mind. The cloud-based service we implement could be a modern web application, an edge computing solution, or a machine learning platform – or even all these together.

Modern cloud-based services on all major platforms.

IoT solutions taking advantage of edge computing.

Complementing Cloud Services with Edge Computing

When you are an organization fueled by mobile technology, centralized data storage and processing are not always the best, or even feasible options. We are experts in edge computing, integration and manipulation of data using cloud-enabled devices. With edge computing and the Internet of things (IoT), we help you with the challenges of connectivity, latency, and compliance by designing software solutions that give you the edge computing capability you need.

In addition to mobile device solutions, we get that the most efficient use of critical system building blocks such as serverless environments requires intelligent edge computing solutions. One of our unique strengths is developing end-to-end edge solutions featuring 100%, air-tight integration of advanced QA and testing services.

Symbio’s cloud and edge computing solutions can accelerate innovation through:

  • Elegant design of public, private and hybrid cloud architectures
  • Responsive cloud and edge computing strategies and roadmap
  • Thorough assessment of your current applications and platforms for cloud migration
  • Effective migration of data
  • Development and customization of tailored applications to integrate into your cloud and mobile computing infrastructure
  • Operations, support and monitoring of edge-computing applications
  • Global expertise including GDPR and APAC regulations

If you are ready to explore the benefits of leveraging the Symbio advantage, we are ready to talk. Contact us to learn how our intelligent cloud and edge computing solutions can help you.

3PL Partner for Android Auto Certification

Google 3PL Certification services for car infotainment systems
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Android Auto enables users to connect their phones to car’s infotainment system. Infotainment unit manufacturers and suppliers need to certify their products via Google 3rd Party Lab (3PL) partner before launching them to market.

Symbio is an approved member of Google 3PL Certification program since 2016. We have since then helped our customers globally to achieve Android Auto Certification.

Android Auto 3PL Certifications with years of experience

Experienced team

Symbio team has over the years gathered experience working with many product integrations. This together with knowing the specification and requirements for Android Auto integration inside out gives us good background to help our customers from Green Light to Certification Complete.

Synergy with Symbio Connected Car (SCC)

Symbio 3PL team works closely with the experienced developers of Symbio SCC – the team working with Android Auto development and product integrations. This means that we can also utilize the knowledge and experience in developing and integrating Android Auto to help with 3PL Certifications.

Authorized Test Laboratory for Digital Key

The CCC Digital Key is a standardized ecosystem that enables smart devices on any operating system to securely store, authenticate and share Digital Keys for vehicles.
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Authorized Test Laboratory for Digital Key

Symbio as Authorized Test Laboratory for Digital Key offers Applet Functional Compliance and End-to-End Interoperability certification testing for Vehicles and End-User Devices

Quality Assurance and Testing

Our quality assurance and testing service covers all the different stages and aspects of quality assurance.
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At Symbio, we want our customers to sleep well at night. Symbio’s quality assurance experts are known as professional testers who, in addition to testing, take a strong stance on the overall quality assurance and user experience of the software. Properly designed and effective quality assurance and testing will reduce costs, detect errors and problems at an early stage, and accelerate market entry.

Tailored service to fulfill all your QA and testing needs.

Comprehensive Offering

Our quality assurance and testing service covers all the different stages and aspects of quality assurance. Our quality assurance services are always customizable according to the customer’s needs. With Symbio’s Adaptive QA, we build the right solution for your needs. Read more about Adaptive QA here.

Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Testing Manager Services: We work with you to create a testing strategy, design quality assurance and testing processes, and assist in tool selection. Our testing and quality assurance managers are responsible for ensuring that quality assurance operates in accordance with the agreed process and that product quality improves.

Testing Services: We perform both functional and non-functional testing in all required areas. We ensure that the software works as designed and that the compatibility, performance, reliability and usability of the software are at the intended level.

Test Automation: Test automation can be utilized in, for example, automated user interface testing, regression testing, or automated integration testing. Our experts master several testing automation tools and take advantage of both software automation and robot-assisted testing. Learn more about robot-assisted testing with our QARAT service.

Localization Testing: We test the functionality of the product in different language versions. Our testing team consists of native speakers and our testing service covers about 80 different languages. We guarantee that the translations, functionalities, layout and integrations of the product are correct and correspond to the needs of geographical areas, cultures and languages. In addition to these, we ensure that the product and support materials are properly localized to suit the target groups and areas.

Quality Assurance is more than just testing!

Project Management

Communication is the key
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We at Symbio want to work as transparently and efficiently as possible, so working tightly together with the customer is of high importance to us. A principal asset of our projects is the communication that Symbio is able to establish with the customer early on. Through hard work from the sales team, the relationship grows, and trust finds its place in the project. Ongoing communication enables to erase the uncertainty around the work and allows the team to clearly focus on the customer goals.

The customer relationship is built little by little, through direct and transparent communication along the project. We collect feedback constantly and share the lessons learned throughout the organization to improve our project management practices.

Get experienced project managers to handle your development projects.

Cross-functional teams

Another key asset is the ability to assemble a cross-functional team for our projects. We use tools like Azure Devops or Jira, which give us the flexibility and adaptability to manage each of our projects to their needs. The methodologies that we use, such as Agile and Kanban, meet our projects’ and project team’s unique requirements. This not only makes our projects run smoothly, but also offers full visibility to our customers. Thanks to the different domains of expertise among the team, our projects are achieving their objectives, resulting in high quality end products with high reliability.

Project Management as a Service

Based on the skills and knowledge that we have gained from our own customer projects, we are able to provide experienced project managers to keep your projects on track. Whenever you have a need for a skilled project manager or someone to help you with improving project management practices, contact us!

China Market Entry for Applications

Symbio’s Expertise in China
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A deeper understanding of the Chinese market is the key success factor for your application in the region. Our expertise will guide you through China specific legal requirements for the market entry, as well as the qualifications for specific app distribution stores. With Symbio you will gain a deeper understanding of the big picture for your app distribution in the Chinese app-ecosystem.

Competent partner for China market entry.

Symbio’s Expertise in China

Just like China boasts of a huge market with many cities, so it does with mobile application stores, especially for Android devices. A thorough understanding of the rules and regulations of each of these app-markets is essential to submitting and distributing your application. With presence in China, Symbio can help you with the following:

  • Identifying the best distribution channel for your application
  • Investigating the legal and technical requirements of app distribution
  • Planning the launch of your application in China
  • Support throughout the life cycle of the application as new features or other changes are introduced

Symbio’s unique position in China offers you the incredible opportunities to successfully distribute your mobile application, resulting in great revenue gains. Our many previous ventures in this area give us the confidence that we are able to understand the needs for your application in a distributed app-market economy.

Don’t hesitate to contact us in any matter, big or small.

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