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Case Kuopion Vesi
07.09.2022 | References

Kuopion Vesi – Better User and Customer Experience with New Communication Platform

The expansion of the operational area triggered the need to improve communication Kuopio Vesiliikelaitos was incorporated at the beginning of 2020, when the municipality of Siilinjärvi also became a shareholder…
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Case Kontram
21.02.2022 | References

Kontram – New Business with Edge IoT Solution

GOAL: DIGITALIZATION OF INDUSTRIAL PROCESS MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS Kontram is one of the biggest industrial automation, valves technology, and process measurement products and solution providers in Finland. Kontram’s wide product range…
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Case Suunto
08.02.2022 | References

Suunto – Reliable Quality Assurance at Night Shift

Suunto develops watches and services for supporting active lifestyle. Software development work takes place in Finland, but quality assurance in China. Operations across the globe intertwine perfectly: software that is…
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Case Sandvik
08.02.2022 | References

Sandvik Optimine®

Sandvik industrial group is a pioneer in digital solutions for the mining industry. In a traditional industry, digital solutions are utilized both in the automation of work machines and in…
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Case Paypal
08.02.2022 | References

Paypal – Personalized Customer Experience with Test Automation

Customer experience at the heart of development PayPal is the world leader in online payment. Their challenge is to serve millions of international customers in more than 190 countries, delivering…
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Case Lännen Tractors
08.02.2022 | References

Lännen Tractors Design Sprint

Lännen Tractors is part of LMCE Group (Lännen Mobile Construction Equipment Group), which is an international provider of smart and mobile multipurpose solutions. LMCE Group’s product range covers Lännen multipurpose…
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08.09.2023 | News

Digital Lockout Tagout Safety Solution Wins Stora Enso’s Global Safety Awards

Symbio was a software development partner in implementing a digital LoTo (Lockout Tagout) safety solution for Stora Enso’s Imatra Kaukopää…
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07.06.2023 | Articles

Symbio O2 Story

Self-organizing, non-hierarchical teams are nothing new. But still, most companies have not selected an organization model that suit their needs,…
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26.05.2023 | Career stories

Tero Jarkko’s Career Story: New Challenges for Experienced Software Developer

A couple of years back, software developer Tero Jarkko from Oulu sat down with his friends in a summer cabin…
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