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Paypal – Personalized Customer Experience with Test Automation

“It is not acceptable for us not to meet the needs of our international customers.”

Customer experience at the heart of development

PayPal is the world leader in online payment. Their challenge is to serve millions of international customers in more than 190 countries, delivering PayPal customer experience in all regions. Customer satisfaction, and more specifically, the increase in the value of the NPS (Net-Promoter-Score), which measures the customer’s commitment as a company’s recommender, were chosen as the measures of success.

In particular, PayPal wanted to improve the quality of its regional services, develop testing and quality assurance collaboration with existing development centers, and increase cost efficiency through the use of test automation. The original requirements had not taken into account the needs of international customers. Therefore, localization was added to the service development only at a very late stage. When starting localization, PayPal soon realized that they would not have the internal capability to scale the service. Testing and its reporting were also performed manually, which posed challenges in maintaining a good level of quality assurance as the service grew in popularity. Problems due to inadequate quality assurance quickly led to serious customer dissatisfaction.

Symbio has strong quality assurance and localization expertise

PayPal approached Symbio with the primary goal of significantly improving its overall customer satisfaction. They were looking for a partner who could develop a new system that would support their country organizations, ensure future international growth, and optimize existing LQA / IQM modules. The partner should also continuously develop their quality assurance and customer support to achieve better customer experience.

Symbio built a central team in Beijing led by two native Chinese quality assurance experts. They supported PayPal’s global localization team in quality assurance of key service features and special features for the Chinese market prior to release. PayPal and Symbio together invested in team building and achieved very good results:

– Most software bugs on existing sites were removed

– Introduction of localization automation as part of the entire development process

– Increasing the team’s responsibility from linguistic quality assurance to comprehensive quality assurance support

Results of cooperation

PayPal wanted to improve the functionality of existing services and develop a solution that would serve their international customers. The collaboration with Symbio was successful and enabled PayPal to achieve its goals:

– Support for payments in 25 different currencies, including US Dollar, Euro, Mexican Peso and Chinese RMB.

– Fully localized payment support, mobile services and other PayPal products for 21 of the world’s largest markets including Brazil, Israel, Japan, Canada, China, Mexico, Germany and the United States. Later, we also localized several other language areas.

– In China, services could be supported in 22 languages

– NPS rating and customer satisfaction increased significantly and PayPal’s targets for scalability and customer experience were met. Customers especially praised the improved quality of global services. “Working with Symbio is not just a matter of a traditional outsourcing model. We are talking about the bottom line of the company, and the long-term partnership to extend the business and scalability in the next 3 to 5 years. No one would believe that we could have more than 22 languages covered in China, but Symbio helped us accomplish it with quality and professionalism across China. Thanks for the partnership and great work.” – Localization Manager, PayPal

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