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Cloud and IoT Edge Solutions

Cloud Solutions for Your Needs

We design and implement custom cloud-native software solutions. Whatever cloud service provider you are using, we can help with getting all the benefits from cloud-based platform. Our approach is cloud agnostic as we have built solutions with all the major platforms: Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

We have wide knowledge of the available cloud services. This makes it possible to design cost-effective cloud architectures while keeping future requirements in mind. The cloud-based service we implement could be a modern web application, an edge computing solution, or a machine learning platform – or even all these together.

Modern cloud-based services on all major platforms.

IoT solutions taking advantage of edge computing.

Complementing Cloud Services with Edge Computing

When you are an organization fueled by mobile technology, centralized data storage and processing are not always the best, or even feasible options. We are experts in edge computing, integration and manipulation of data using cloud-enabled devices. With edge computing and the Internet of things (IoT), we help you with the challenges of connectivity, latency, and compliance by designing software solutions that give you the edge computing capability you need.

In addition to mobile device solutions, we get that the most efficient use of critical system building blocks such as serverless environments requires intelligent edge computing solutions. One of our unique strengths is developing end-to-end edge solutions featuring 100%, air-tight integration of advanced QA and testing services.

Symbio’s cloud and edge computing solutions can accelerate innovation through:

  • Elegant design of public, private and hybrid cloud architectures
  • Responsive cloud and edge computing strategies and roadmap
  • Thorough assessment of your current applications and platforms for cloud migration
  • Effective migration of data
  • Development and customization of tailored applications to integrate into your cloud and mobile computing infrastructure
  • Operations, support and monitoring of edge-computing applications
  • Global expertise including GDPR and APAC regulations

If you are ready to explore the benefits of leveraging the Symbio advantage, we are ready to talk. Contact us to learn how our intelligent cloud and edge computing solutions can help you.

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