Symbio Elysian

Symbio Elysian

Symbio Elysian is an infotainment software solution providing unprecedented value for automotive manufacturers. Elysian is built using industry proven software components on top of embedded Linux operating system.

Applications and user experience is created using Qt which enables quick and cost-efficient design and modular development of look and feel. Qt allows changes and modifications to be deployed directly from designer tools to development hardware.

Out of the box, Elysian is loaded with features such as tuner functions for all radio systems globally, media player functionality, sound effects, rear-view-camera support, vehicle control functions and optional navigation.

High performance and pre-certified implementations of Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Baidu Carlife and Smart Device Link are integrated as part of Elysian stack. Android Auto Wireless and Carplay-over-wireless are also supported.

Symbio Elysian hardware

Made in Finland

Symbio Elysian is built with pride in Finland, using modern software development and quality assurance methods and tools. Our professionals guarantee high quality and timely delivery of the system that truly delight your end customers.

Future Proof

  • Remote device management functionality enables over-the-air software updates either through dedicated modem or through car owners cell phone
  • Possibility to create subsciptions or micro-payment services for the end customer. As an example, new user interface themes can be made available for car owners
  • With help of Qt, new features and functionalities can be rapidly developed to exceed your customer expectations
  • Layout based UI makes support of new aspect ratios, resolutions and orientations easy

Lower Total Cost

  • Modern component based modular architecture and high configurability allows minimizing of system resource requirements and savings in hardware cost
  • Continuous Integration and Test Automation methods during development and integration safeguards system integrity from regression
  • Over-the-air updates, high maintainability and community improvements improves cybersafety
  • Professional delivery and full integration support helps you keep your schedules

Timely Delivery

  • Elysian is tailored for every customer need and turn-key-delivered with full engineering support thanks to Symbio’s global delivery capability
  • High performance and pre-certifed implementations of Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Baidu Carlife and Smart Device Link are pre-integrated as part of Elysian stack
  • System wide use of industry standard APIs and modular architecture accelerates integration

Layout Management

Elysian utilizes Qt layout management which is used to describe how widgets are laid out in an application’s user interface. Widgets are automatically positioned and resized when the amount of space available for them changes, ensuring that they are consistently arranged and that the user interface as a whole remains usable.

Elysian provides scripted and fully customizable user interface with skinning, native internationalization of UI assets and support for all screen resolutions, aspect ratios and orientations.