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Towards the Best Possible Candidate Experience

At Symbio you see what you get: a workplace where you get to have a say on things, minimal level of bureaucracy and the relaxed and professional atmosphere.

Talented people is vital for us

Within the IT market, the competition for software professionals is tough and this will likely continue in the future. At Symbio, we pride ourselves on being full of skilled software professionals with technology and future oriented mindsets. To ensure that we employ the best possible professionals on the market, we must focus on our recruitment activities and pay attention to the best possible candidate experience.

In 2022, we partnered with a company called Theatreworks to gain a clearer idea of where we are now, and based on that, develop our recruitment process further.

Workshops and interviews

During the springtime, Theatreworks hosted a couple of workshops, where everyone who was part of our recruitment process, got to practice their communication skills and the common situations and challenges faced when meeting candidates. We focused especially on the interview situations with the candidates. When using the word “interviews” – we mean a meeting with the candidate where we have a discussion covering their background and motivational factors, but also to let them evaluate us and get to know Symbio and our ways of working better.

In Autumn, it was time for Theatreworks to interview candidates on their experiences of Symbio’s recruitment process. Some of these candidates had ended up working for Symbio, while with others, we haven’t had the chance to work together so far. Both sets of experiences and opinions were extremely important and valuable to us.

Positive feedback from the candidates

What was often repeated in the feedback was that our attitude of “what you see is what you get” had really shown during the meetings and discussions. Many candidates thanked us for sharing an image of a workplace where you get to have a say on things, have minimal level of bureaucracy and the overall atmosphere of the company is relaxed and professional. One of the best things to hear was that people who ended up working for us, confirmed that this image of Symbio shown during recruitment process ended up being accurate. This autumn, we launched a Siqni employee survey for Symbio employees, which also supported these observations. We want to make sure that this attitude and culture of ours shines through our recruiting process and into the future employment as well.

Room for improvement

Some room for improvement was recognized within the speed of our process and decision making. It is and will always be a balance of wanting to act fast and not let the candidate wait too long, but also to make sure that we share enough information on both sides. We want to make sure that the candidate is the right match for us, but also that we are the right next step for them. We must be able to offer them suitable challenges and a career path that benefits their future. Another action point for us is to focus more on our marketing and making Symbio more well known. We have great people working for us, a respected own product development and many interesting projects going on – and so, it is imperative that more people know about these.

We at Symbio want to thank Theatreworks for this year’s cooperation, as well as the recruitment candidates for giving their time for the interviews – many thanks again! Our work for developing our recruitment process will always continue, as will our recruitment activities. We are looking forward to hiring many more colleagues in 2023!

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05.12.2022 | Articles