Symbio’s Northernmost Knowledge in Automotive

The beginning of the year has been challenging for all of us. However, at Symbio we have done our best to adapt to the changes, especially for our projects in the Automotive sector – we have discovered diverse ways to communicate and work together. I’d say that now we are able to better focus on work. I also strongly believe that the service business continues to grow.  

Our Oulu Office is the northernmost Symbio office in the world. It is very close to the Finnish Lapland and its magical Northern Lights. 95% of Symbio Oulu’s production serves the automotive industry.  

There, we develop centre console software for information and entertainment equipment manufacturers around the world. Our latest offering the Symbio Elysian SW Stack, also known as the Smart Auto, is an infotainment solution that is built on top of the Linux Operating System (OS). This innovation controls global radio functionality (FM, AM, SiriusXM, DAB etc), smartphone projection (Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Baidu CarLife), BT mobile phone hands-free and media playback. Additional controls include the navigation system settings and regulation of the car climate and seat heating system, plus so much more. 

Picture: Elysian Reference UI media player

We are leaders in testing and quality assurance. Our Symbio Oulu Team offers a third-party laboratory testing service wherein we test and certify that an automotive manufacturers’ software meets customer quality requirements. 

Thanks to our exceptionally skilled and hardworking delivery team, Symbio has a gained a great reputation within the Automotive Industry. Our ambition is to utilise this position in order to grow. We continue to innovate and find the right opportunities for our products, which can be very challenging within our industry. The goal is to have the right offering at the right time, at the right price.  

Picture: Symbio Oulu’s 3PL team

Our main priority right now is to grow our market share with Elysian. In order to succeed, we invest in technology and process know-how to give the market exactly what it needs, when it’s needed.

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Jarkko Kemppainen 
CTO & Automotive Innovation Lead