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Globalization of Software Services

Localization testing and QA in a number of countries including China, France, Germany and more.


While this particular finance and accounting software suite had been available in the US market for a number of years, our client was preparing for its first global launch. Our mission was to work closely with this global online financial services provider to facilitate their launch and ensure a smooth transition to their new global marketing approach.

As a leading online financial services provider, our client had been providing finance and accounting software that can be used to manage personal finances. They also offer software suites designed to help with business accounting and consumer tax preparation. Among their many customers are a good solid mix of US consumers, small businesses and accountants.

We were approached as this online financial service provider was preparing to launch their respected and trusted software platforms on a global scale for the first time. Problems such as lack of intimate familiarity with the various countries they were planning to launch in, language barriers and the lack of server and equipment capacity were noted in their request for help. Their ultimate goal was to be able to provide the highest level of service to their new customer base and reduce the number of customer complaints along the way.


Our experience in the world market played a large role in why this client approached us. Having done their research, they understood that our diverse team of international experts placed us in the perfect position to be able to provide them with the type of working solution needed. Our goal was to ensure not only a successful launch, but continued success and growth following the launch with full scalability on a worldwide level.

We worked hand in hand with their Quality Assurance team to develop and establish a completely new LQA process and improve their overall workflow to include the new international market they were planning to build. Among the solutions we provided were:

  • I18N/L10N expertise in areas they were lacking
  • Input on the best ways to successfully implement their new scalable workflow
  • Resources covering I18N/L10N functional testing where they lacked the technical expertise or the resources to manage on their own
  • Development of a new centralized team located in Beijing


As with any project we undertake, our clients must be able to perceive a number of tangible benefits in order for us to call our efforts successful. In this particular case, our client – a global online financial services provider – was preparing to launch their products on a global scale for the first time. At the conclusion of this project, our client was able to:

  • Move their operations closer to the client core QA time zone, allowing them to reduce the amount of time it takes to communicate with their customers and significantly increase their overall efficiency,
  • See a significant increase in their overall customer approval rating, and
  • Provide localization testing and QA in a number of countries including China, France, Germany and more for their website with a view to further expansion.

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