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China Mobile – Android Platform Testing Services

We helped China Mobile to customize a mobile phone based on the Android Mobile Platform fully functional in the Chinese market.


As one of the leading mobile services providers in China, China Mobile needed professional help with concepts for their Research and Development innovation lab. Our goal was to continue providing them with the testing services specific to the Android platform and the local China markets.

China Mobile came to us in search of professional input to help their flagging R&D Innovation Lab located in China. They had been suffering from a number of setbacks and lack of functional developments dedicated to the emerging Android ecosystem. This situation was not only untenable, but was beginning to cost the company both in terms of profits, and customers who were looking at competitors for the latest Android applications. At the same time, it was determined that the lack of proper testing facilities and staffing was affecting not only the quality of the products they were offering, but also overall sales, completely nullifying the company’s goals of increased sales over a larger customer base.


China Mobile came to Symbio first, as we had already provided them with a wide range of services that included more than 40 employees, as well as trainees for four years. Our first step was to offer to extend our contract for an additional two years. Our goal was to provide China Mobile with a complete professional and dedicated team of experts. Among these were a Platform test team, Automation test team, Commercial terminal team, Certification test team, and a development supporting team.

All testing and services provided were completed both on location at China Mobile and in our own testing facilities. This was done in order to provide the highest possible level of testing, and to ensure the most accurate results possible at all times during the testing phase.


Once the initial phase of our proposed business solution was implemented, we were able to help China Mobile customize a mobile phone based on the Android Mobile Platform that would be fully functional in the Chinese market.

As a result of this, we were able to help China Mobile integrate many of the most popular Android applications that were already owned by CMCC successfully into their phone system seamlessly.

With our teams working hand in hand with China Mobile’s own Innovation Lab personnel, we were able to increase the innovation process and restore it back on track to match the interval forecasts put in place by the company.

Thanks to the hard work of all from Symbio and all at China Mobile, the company was able to guarantee the quality of their software and not only maintain but increase their market share.

28.05.2018 | References