Symbio and OptoFidelity – Stronger Together: Our TotalQA Roadshow

TotalQA Roadshow Dates

Symbio and OptoFidelity have been working in the area of quality assurance in various industries for several years. While Symbio has strong expertise in co-creation, software development and QA services, OptoFidelity is the leading solution provider for automated user interface testing systems for touch enabled devices. With the bloom of novel product categories and more integrated product ecosystems, parties decided to join forces.

Symbio’s knowledge in quality assurance has been built in a wide variety of co-creation projects in the areas of Connected Devices, Industrial Internet and Automotive. Symbio has created a unique TotalQA model, which shifts quality assurance actions as early as possible in the project, leading to improved risk management based on the metrics provided by early QA involvement. The Symbio RATA (Robot Aided Test Automation) framework is powered by OptoFidelity Touch & Test™ Robotics. This unique combination utilizes the best practices of TotalQA enabling full-scale testing and measurement services for any client’s R&D organizations.

OptoFidelity has developed groundbreaking innovations for User Interface performance testing. RATA, the robot aided, non-intrusive, automated testing systems are especially used to improve product quality and speeding up R&D. Together, both companies have an extensive track record in the mobile sector. The interest for non-intrusive, automatic methods has started to grow after the takeoff of novel Human-Machine Interface methods.

This is why Symbio and OptoFidelity have joined forces to introduce the TotalQA Framework and the Robot Aided Test Automation (RATA) to the US market.

Our roadshow will start in Orlando, FL at the StarEast Conference May 3rd-8th. We will be demoing the test automation robot RATA on May 6th and May 7th at the Expo at Booth #32. 

We will be in San Jose, CA on May 11th and 12th, and in Bellevue, WA on May 14th and 15th. Come by if you’re interested in this one time opportunity to see the RATA testing robot live in action.