Software development and UX shake hands – Cresense and Symbio agree on a strategic partnership

Software development and quality assurance company Symbio and user experience design agency Cresense have agreed on a strategic partnership. By combining innovative software development and user experience the companies’ offering becomes more customer oriented.

Software development and quality assurance company Symbio and the user experience and service design agency Cresense have agreed on a closer strategic cooperation. Symbio’s technology and quality assurance excellence and Cresense’s customer centric design model based on deep user insight, will help customers create more successful products and services.

Symbio and Cresense have worked together for several years. The joint expertise has been key to a number of innovations, where user experience is in an essential role, such as Suunto’s Ambit GPS sports watch. Other joint customers include e.g. Aktia, ABB, Comptel, Kone, Nokia and YLE.

The partnership challenges traditional practices
Intensifying competition and the rapidly changing market challenges the traditional business models and forces companies to create a new approach to product and service development. Rapid development and the diversification of software development requires know-how that most companies do not have. At the same time, technology oriented design has changed focus to customer and user oriented design.
“Software development cannot be done in isolation from the users, which is why it is essential to integrate UX i.e. user experience design into the development process. User experience understanding is important not only in consumer devices and services, but also in the traditional industry, where good usability will increase efficiency and safety”, says CEO of Symbio Finland Jouni Toijala .

“We are looking for growth. The partnership with Symbio opens doors for Cresense to access larger, more comprehensive development projects. We are able to offer our clients implementation in addition to the current research and design work, when necessary”, Cresense’s CEO Marko Rapeli says.

To deepen the seamless cooperation between the companies, Symbio and Cresense moved to a joint office in April. Management, sales and consulting teams have now constant and active interaction, which displays benefits to customers e.g. in form of a common offering.

The partnership between the companies comprises activities globally. Besides Helsinki, the companies also share a common office in San Jose, California, United States, and Cresense is also planning to expand to other countries in which Symbio already operates.

Symbio established in 1994, is an international co-creation technology partner that helps its customers create high quality products and future innovations. By combining cutting-edge technological know-how, advanced global delivery networks and customized solutions, Symbio enables high-quality software product development quickly, cost-effectively and innovatively. Symbio ‘s customers include Volvo, Intel, Microsoft, YLE, Aller, Evernote and Square. Symbio has eight development centers and offices across the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Founded in 2001, Cresense Ltd. is a User Experience Design company. Cresense helps companies create superior services that excel in user experience to increase efficiency, improve competitiveness and develop their brand. Customers include e.g. Nokia, KONE, Rovio, Supercell, F-Secure and Suunto. The company has offices in Helsinki, Singapore and San José.

Additional Information:
Jouni Toijala, Symbio Finland Oy, Managing Director, tel 050 484 0085
Marko Rapeli , Cresense Oy, Managing Director, tel 050 3233 973