January 6th, 2016

Announced during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 6th 2016 – Symbio, an established leader in providing software engineering services in the automotive industry, is proud to be one of the founding members of Rightware’s Kanzi Partner Program (KPP). KPP is a global ecosystem of companies working together to develop and define the future of digital Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI).

“Our partnership with Rightware has further extended our ability to create differentiated, seamless experiences within the in-vehicle environment. With a global team of Kanzi designers and developers we can address the market needs of our customers.” Said Brian Crowley, COO Symbio

Within this new partnership, we look forward to working with Rightware and our customers to further progress and evolve the automotive industry. The primary goal of the program is to provide customers and partners with resources and a knowledge base for creating next generation digital automotive HMIs with Kanzi. Additionally, the program will connect automotive industry leaders in new ways, with a goal of driving innovation in automotive. You can view a full list of the Kanzi partners here:

Symbio is a truly global R&D technology company, providing a variety of services and opportunities to the Kanzi Partner Program. Symbio has a unique capability to foster innovation with early stage prototypes & concepts while bringing them rapidly into production with our agile way of working. Our teams who are familiar with multiple HW&SW platforms combined with our superior QA capabilities ensures high quality project delivery and ongoing support.

With more than 40+ offices around the world, Symbio is a truly global provider, which enables us to support our customers in US, Latin America, Europe, Korea, China, Taiwan and Japan . As we move foward in partnership with the Kanzi Partner Program, we’re particularly excited about working closely with HMI and automotive industry partners to collaborate, innovate and deliver.

“We are thrilled to have Symbio as a founding member of the Kanzi Partner Program. We’ve been impressed with how quickly Symbio has been able to adapt Kanzi into a core part of their service offering and with how well they’ve managed to gain traction among Kanzi customers” said Ville Ilves, President of Rightware Inc. and Head of the Kanzi Partner Program

If you’re attending CES in Las Vegas this year, stop by the Rightware suite (Skylofts – MGM Grand). You can view a demo on Kanzi, and discuss industry insights and innovations with both the Symbio and Rightware teams. You can also access a video of the Kanzi UI solution here: Symbio / Rightware Kanzi Demo

About Symbio
Symbio is about driving tomorrow’s customer engagement innovation for our clients. Our core capabilities include software development, QA / functional testing, embedded development, interoperability and globalization services. As a global company with more than 40 office locations, we strive to be responsive to ever-changing markets and technologies, create long-term industry partnerships, and consistently look for new ways to make things better for our clients businesses.