Mobile App Testing – It’s a Crazy World, But Someone’s Got To Do It.

RATA RobotAs the team at Symbio focuses more and more on testing, mobile app testing, test automation, and quality assurance for our customers, we are constantly streamlining and refining best practices. With the onset of the multiverse (multi-platform, multi-device, multi-lingual) the need to test accurately and precisely has never been greater.

For Symbio clients, quality, reliability, efficiency and security are just a few of the “worry’s” they come rely on us to help test and solve for. We are dedicated to creating the finest technology on the planet for our clients, , and that requires world-class testing on a number of levels.

Recently, I found a great article covering testing best-practices for today’s ever-changing landscape. Our teams can certainly relate to some of the challenges expressed in this article, and more importantly we have a vested interest in ensuring testing on all levels is held to the highest standards for the complex world with which we all reside.

While this article gives a great overview of best-practice methods like “know your customers,” “test in different languages,” and “testing usability in multiple ways” – it is missing one important factor, testing with efficiency.

At Symbio, we leverage RATA, our Robot Aided Test Automation technology to test software platforms not only with best-practices in mind, but also with efficiency and client cost in mind. RATA provides short and long-term time and cost saving benefits, enabling faster time to market and a higher quality end product for our customers. Of particular note, RATA offers:

  • > Improved quality and testing repeatability
  • > Accelerated R&D and testing cycles
  • > Ease of creating benchmark and competitor analysis
  • > Ability to run 24/7 test automation to shorten testing cycles
  • > Minimized testing efforts and more reliable and repeatable results
  • > Ability to test new kinds of control and activation methods
  • > Ability to measure device performance without modifications or connection to DUT (device under test)

Click HERE to learn more about RATA and testing best practices. Testers, test on!