Attracting, engaging, and retaining the media consumer is a complex equation, compounded by rapidly-evolving technology and mobile platforms. Customers are demanding tailored entertainment solutions and interacting with media on increasingly diverse and niche platforms. The competitive advantage for media companies lies in investing in transformative technologies that provide new ways to engage and enhance the customer experience. New partnerships and ways to distribute content are creating exciting new business opportunities.

We’ve learned the key to successful adaption in the dynamic and disruptive tech landscape of media is understanding and optimizing the user journey across every touch point. It is critical to media companies being able to evolve and develop viable new business models and revenue streams. The Symbio team has over two decades of experience partnering with companies in the media & entertainment sector to exploit emerging opportunities and leverage the latest technology to be at the forefront in developing new media offerings and creating an exceptional customer experience.


We have successfully partnered with our media and entertainment clients to deliver solutions in:

  • Developing back-end services of over the top (OTT) video streaming including content management, user management, billing and customer care.
  • Building front-end solutions such as mobile apps with video players.
  • Advanced encryption capabilities to protect content while providing a top-notch viewer experience.

As a solution-focused provider, we start with a thorough understanding of your business and needs to develop innovative software strategies that work. Leverage our experience and flexible methodologies to take your business to the next level.

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