For every successful high-tech company, there are hundreds who fail. If you’re in the high-tech industry, you see it every day. While the tech industry holds enormous opportunities, the constant demand to innovate, embrace new technologies, and balance customer feedback can swamp even strong tech players.

Don’t go it alone. At Symbio, we help advanced technology companies build innovative software products and transformative digital services that connect, engage and amaze their customers. For over twenty years, our designers, architects, and engineers have taken a customer-centric approach to unlock fresh innovation and deliver an exceptional product and service experience.


  • Our innovative engagement model allows us to be responsive to ever-changing technologies and markets, creating long-term partnerships with our clients.
  • Our comprehensive portfolio of application management and IT services enables our clients to efficiently balance their resource and financial investments.
  • Our extensive experience ranging from advisory to driving to implementing high-tech projects equips our clients adapt to changes quickly and deliver faster, and transforms their internal culture to embrace continued innovation and agile development.

We’re known for the company we keep. Our strong industry reputation for expertise in areas such automation, robotics and the Internet of things (IoT), has brought some of the world’s most advanced technology companies to our door, companies such as PayPal, Nokia, Microsoft, HP, Cisco, Google and IBM. They come for our expertise and our end-to-end R&D partnership approach that drives every stage of the process from new product creation to product engineering services to globalization.

If you are looking for an idea-to-market technology creator who can help you create, launch and support your IoT initiatives, look to us. Our global technologists are ready to help you successfully bring your concept to market, and get you ahead of the pack.

Industry Insights

Innovation Is Not Marketing

Too often, the whole concept of innovation, and I mean, real, true innovation, is kind of a foreign thing to many companies. They treat their whole innovation function as simply a marketing play, not...

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