IoT Internet of Things - Make Useful

How Can We Make the IoT useful?

As we have mentioned many a time during our IoT (Internet of Things) conversations, the market has HUGE potential. On a global scale, touching virtually every industry, the future of IoT is bright with efficiency, cost savings, and revenue generation. According to a variety of research and data sources, the IoT market has the potential to connect 35+ million devices by the year 2020.

But as we dig deeper, how will those markets really be shaped? How will we shape business models to leverage technology and connection? What development resources, optimization efforts and connectivity ideas will rise to the top?

As I discussed this subject with colleagues, we decided to see what others thought. In doing so, we found a great article from CMSWire. In the article, they reference an interesting finding from a report published last week by Paul O’Donovan at Gartner. Of particular note, O’Donovan states “We have entered a phase of intense competition for dominance in the IoT gateway.”

You can view the full article here.

The article offers up some great insight into how large IoT can be, but more importantly focuses on some of the problems and potential solutions available to help shape new IoT innovations. From home-based IoT innovations and managing data to new IoT business models and data overloads, the real challenge for companies moving forward will be identifying and partnering with the right technology company.

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