How to harness motion into digital services?

Motion is everywhere and with the raise of wearables and sensorhub devices, it can now be tracked within everyday items. How about harnessing those into digital services?

In order to accomplish that Symbio has partnered with Finnish sporting goods company Amer Sports. Amer Sports is focusing on leveraging technological developments for their high end globally recognized brands, such as Salomon, Wilson, Atomic, Arc’teryx, Mavic, Suunto and Precor. With the help of technology advancements they aim to continue delivering new and appealing products to their customers. One of Amer Sport’s technology for inertial tracking is Suunto manufactured Movesense.

Movesense platform offers REST type mobile APIs (for Android & iOS) for linear acceleration, angular velocity, magnetic field and temperature measurements for the 2-euro coin size BLE communicating Movesense sensor. This swim and shock proof sensor is manufactured by Suunto in Finland – to meet with the highest quality requirements.

Symbio has been, since the introduction of Movesense in Slush2016, Amer Sports’ partner for designing, prototyping and productizing customer’s ideas into digital service solutions. Movesense is utilized as one part of the information source.

Turn ideas into digital services with Movesense platform

Symbio helps companies to turn their ideas into digital services with Movesense platform. In this process Symbio’s professionals with existing Suunto platform and protocol expertize will transform your idea into solution in rapid and agile way. Our method enables you to continuously follow the progress of the solution within iterative development sprints.

Your solution will get the best out of the Movesense’s extensive sensor world that is demonstrated in the rich-UI applications for Android and iOS mobile applications  with IoT and AI capable cloud services for producing data and insights throughout the service.

During the development and productization, your solution will be supported by the Symbio’s accredited QA professionals. Our presence in North-America and Asia will provide global-wide markets to your new digital services.


Writer is Symbio’s Chief Solution Executive Matti Lehtinen, who has extensive knowledge of Biometrics and sensors such as Movesense. He helps customers in different industries to enhance their productivity and safety by combining human and machine data. 

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