Happy Friday from Tampere, Finland.

Based on the number of employees, the Tampere office is Symbio’s biggest site in Finland. Here in Tampere we are 122 software and quality assurance professionals who thrive together for a variety of clients. We are especially proud of our industrial competence and this year has been very exciting for some of our leading Industrial clients.

Automation and intelligent machines are the most promising trends in mining industry and Sandvik is the world’s pioneer in industrial automation. Their automation system won the engineering award of Finland in 2013 and Sandvik was listed as one of the Top 100 Most Innovative Companies in the World by Thomas Reuters. Sandvik’s new system is fundamentally changing how mines will be operated in the future. It showcases the integration of various engineering disciplines from mechatronics to software engineering and logistics. Symbio collaborated with Sandvik in many projects from quality assurance and project management to software deliveries since 2007.

Symbio’s Embedded team is constantly looking for new specialist to join our team for variety of customer projects and locations in Finland. For embedded specialists, we also have several global opportunities available to explore.

Happy Friday from Tampere, Finland.

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