Haltian: A proud partner of Symbio!

In order to celebrate our newest partnership with Haltian, Symbio would like to share some insights about the company and what they do!

Guest post, written by Heini Tuorila,
 Marketing Director at

What an interesting year it has been. Haltian has grown from initially 5 founders into a company with over 50 employees, in just one year.

Haltian has been very fortunate in attracting the very best mobile technology talent, and now results are starting to justify this investment. We are financially independent and profitable. We have customers that are pleased with our results and our way of working. Our reputation is good and getting stronger. And we can definitely state that our strategy is strong and we are on the right path.

This fall, it’s going to be busier than ever. We already have a solid customer base. Furthermore, we are looking onto some new, very interesting business opportunities. We are working on our own Visionary Labs project – the heart and soul of Haltian.

The Haltian brand is representing quality, efficiency and high technology. All our people and activities are aligned to support the brand and making it stronger. Now, after getting our enablers lined up, we will be taking carefully considered steps into publicity, pitches, press releases, social media updates, announcements and on-site presence in key trade shows.

Haltian will definitely have some interesting stuff coming up, so stay tuned! Follow the Haltian blog for updates about the company and the industry.