Meet Toni, Test Automation Engineer

Toni works as a Test Automation Engineer at our Espoo office. He joined Symbio almost two years ago having worked before in different product development related roles while testing always being at the core of his work. Toni has found his passion in testing and looks forward to continuing to learn new testing related skills.

I especially enjoy testing embedded systems; you get to see the result and work hands on with hardware.

Since joining Symbio, Toni has been a part of our customer’s software test team. In his role, he develops and updates customer’s inhouse developed test framework together with his team. The team works using Scrum-ban Agile methods and the challenges are no one’s personal problems so there’s always help available.

Toni’s days are spent planning and writing automated tests and performing manual testing. Tracking and fixing test system issues is also an essential part of his role. The most used technologies at Toni’s work are C#, Jenkins and Python.

I enjoy it when there is a new feature that I get to test first and define how to carry out the testing. I get to use my creativity and problem solving skills. I get the feeling of success when I manage to solve the issue.

When asked how Toni would describe Symbio and its company culture, he quickly has an answer ready; Toni feels like Symbio has no unneeded bureaucracy, the hierarchy is low and the people are easy to approach.

In his free time, Toni can be found thai-boxing; it has been his hobby for several years and his goal is it to take a part in an official match in the future. Other things that balance work life for Toni are computer games that he got back into after 20 years given Covid had offered an opportunity to bring the old hobby back. He also enjoys attending live music gigs whenever possible.