Meet Symbio’s Senior UX/UI Designer Valentin Mindjek

Valentin Mindjek joined Symbio in November 2017 and spends most of his time with various designs.

“My Symbio journey started in 2017.  During that time, I have been able to wear many hats: I have worked on testing, localization testing in Norwegian, and grew up from a junior UX/UI Designer to a senior role. I have a Bachelor of Digital Media from Griffith University Gold coast, Australia, where I have lived for a few years.

There is plenty of versatility in my current role as a Senior UX/ UI Designer: both project-wise and in my responsibilities and tasks. No day is the same, and that is what I enjoy. Usually, I spend most of my time with designs: it can be designing user flows, wireframes, or actual designs. I also attend a few meetings during a week, either internal planning meetings or customer meetings. Currently, I am working on a few IoT projects, designing highly user-friendly dashboards.

As a Designer, I feel lucky that I can be part of both client and in-house projects. Sometimes my work requires me to take deep dives into existing solutions to improve it for a client. Other times the project requires me to travel to meet clients or work at customers’ premises. Some weeks are more relaxed; then, I work on developing my competence to grow and improve.  I use the time reading UX-focused online articles and look for inspiration from other designers and projects. I mainly try to soak up as much new information as possible to widen my knowledge in the UX field. Growing in my role is crucial for me, and, for example, now I’m going deeper into front end development by learning JavaScript and ReactJS.

I value friendly colleagues, good team collaboration, and working together towards a common goal. It is equally important to have a purpose in the company and being valued for what you are doing. The fast way of working by following agile methodologies makes the work fun and exciting. Variety motivates me the most, and that’s why consultancy work fits me perfectly. I get to work with customers from many industries, from automotive to banking, and enjoy diving into different projects.”

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