Meet Sayed Tenkanen, Test Automation Engineer, Specialist

Meet Sayed Tenkanen, our longtime expert in quality assurance. Sayed works as a Test Automation Engineer, Specialist and here he describes his role:

“I’ve been working in Symbio since 2014. In these years, I have had many opportunities to actively contribute to projects extending many different industries, like automotive and consumer electronics. My focus is on test automation in various scopes, such as machine learning and model-based testing across operating systems.

I am driven by a strong desire to learn and connect. I believe I contribute to the greater good in every small way through my work in these projects. I like how my job inspires me to learn and solve challenges. In my role, I get to work with a broad technical stack, including technologies such as Jenkins, TeamCity, Python, Java, Kotlin, C++, Robot Framework, Selenium, and SQL/NoSQL.

I have also been involved in developing QARAT, our 3rd generation robot assisted test automation and quality assurance framework to tackle the hardest test automation challenges.

In addition to my involvement in test automation, I also participate in recruitment interviews as a technical specialist.

At Symbio, I get the support I need to explore new ideas and opportunities. Symbio is also a worldwide consulting company with a wide range of customers and plenty of challenging projects, making the role of a test automation engineer versatile and inspiring.”

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