Meet Petri Kauppi, Senior Architect

Petri works as a Senior Architect as part of our Espoo team. During his over 20+ year’s career in IT, he has specialized in working with Microsoft technologies, and recently he has been more focused on creating solutions with cloud (Azure) technologies. At Symbio, Petri has had the opportunity to work in versatile projects: he has contributed in two IoT solution project for our partners Kontram and Lännen Tractors, in addition to two other web & cloud projects for industrial domain.

Before joining Symbio, Petri has involved in many exciting projects from financial and retail sectors to telecommunications. He has been in part of contributing in many digitalization changes, for example, in insurance processes that have included manual work in the past. His work has taken care of that you can leave the documents and letters to history when taking care of your financial issues.

“My goal is not to focus on the specific industry or function. I have been keen on large customers and learning new modern technologies and using them when creating new products. The thing that attracts in Symbio is that we are focused on different industries and clients that have resources to execute extensive projects.”

Having a role that offers versatile opportunities to learn and grow – and not only from technical point of view – is something that brings a lot of joy to Petri’s daily work. “For me personally it is important to keep my hands dirty and code, but also to have the possibility to take part in other tasks, such as planning and designing new projects, and scheduling and dividing workload between team members. This brings a lot of variety to the workdays and tasks you get to do.”

About the work cultural related things, Petri mentions two key elements that are especially great at Symbio:

  1. Team diversity: “Currently the team I am working in, has people from versatile backgrounds, nationalities, and people who are in different phases of their career. Having the mix of juniors and seniors, offers a great environment to learn from each other – from technical point of view and cultural point of view. I also get to mentor and help others to grow in to certain directions.”
  2. Responsibility and freedom truly goes hand in hand: “Responsibility is given and everyone’s professional expertise is trusted. This means that you get to choose your ways of working and work on a self-driven way.”

To balance the work life, Petri finds many different sports activities as a good medicine. He is basically interested in any kind of sport that includes a ball – doesn’t matter if it is floorball of golf. They are something different from spending time in the office.