Meet Mika Korhonen, Software Engineer, Specialist

Chat with long-term Symbioneer

Mika is an experienced software development professional who has been working in the field for over 20 years. Coding is what brings him most joy at work and therefore he has always been working in roles that include software development throughout his career. Before joining Symbio, he worked in projects related to healthcare industry where he developed software for versatile information systems with C++, Qt and Linux. 

bit over 12 years ago, Mika joined Symbio’s team (our company was called Ardites at that time). It was the few familiar people already working in the company and good discussions with future colleagues that got him to join the team. “Symbio had interesting projects and a talented team, so it was easy to seal the deal.” The 12-year journey at Symbio has included quite versatile projects in different industries such as telecom, transportation and automotive. Usually in projects he has started as a Software Specialist, but then rather quickly risen to Tech Lead type of roles.

“Personally for me it is really important to find ways how the project team could work more easily and efficiently. Helping others is something that I truly enjoy.”  

Mika’s top 5 reasons for working at Symbio

We wanted to know, what are the most important aspects of working at Symbio that make him enjoy it? Here is Mika’s top 5: 

  • Possibilities to learn new things. “In consultancy business, I get to work with many technologies and to be part of diverse projects in different industries. As I get to work in multiple teams, I’ll also learn new ways of working and get to share my knowledge with other software experts.” 

Great people and good atmosphere at work. ”The atmosphere at Symbio is always so cosy, there is good amount of fun jokes and humour. And there’s no unnecessary nonsense.” 

  • Flexibility in how to structure your workdays. I can impact on when, how and where to do the daily work hours. This especially helps in balancing between work and family life.” 
  • Getting help and support when needed. I’ve always known that I can trust my manager and that I am heard, cared and helped when needed. Also, it is nice that things are possible to do with low level of bureaucracy. 
  • Working in versatile roles. ”The most interesting part of working as a Software Specialist is that my role has different shapes in every project, and therefore I get to do really versatile things. I always find my own place that suits me the best in a project.“