Meet Ton Wolting, Head of Delivery in Symbio Europe

Meet Ton Wolting, Head of Delivery in Symbio Europe

At Symbio Espoo office, we focus on developing digital solutions together with our clients. A crucial part of creating inspiring services is our delivery organization, led by Ton, who has been a part of Symbio’s journey for over 13 years.  

When I moved to Finland from the Netherlands, a friend asked me if I would join Symbio. From there, it all started. I have been working now for more than ten years for Symbio. The purpose of my role is to have operational Delivery responsibilities and be one of the links which ensure tight collaboration, process development and harmonization between our Delivery organization and our Sales, Finance, Resourcing and Talent & Culture departments at Symbio, Europe. Symbio has always been a known brand in Finland, and working for Symbio was a logical step in my career. I have enjoyed the ride every moment of it. Every day I am learning new things while doing my job. As we are a global company and we are working more and more in a global way, one thing to focus on is International Business Management and lean leadership. 

Before my career started in Symbio, I have been working in the field of Analytical Chemistry. My education is in Analytical Chemistry, and after my graduation, I have been working in a laboratory for a company that is producing APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) for medicines. This is a bit different kind of API that we are used to in the software development field. 

As we have started to work in an Organic Organization model in Symbio, my day-to-day is looking different. One part of the day, I can help resource and recruitment identify candidates for our deliveries, discuss with our sales to help on pre-sales cases, have customer meetings, and discuss with our people who do the actual deliveries or help finance with financing queries. These are just a few examples, but the actual work and responsibilities are so wide that it is nice to see and cooperate with different departments. But yes, a big part of the day contains meetings and discussionwith various stakeholdersI enjoy the work at Symbio very much.

The best part of my work is collaborating with so many different people, and every day is different, which keeps the work exciting and enjoyable. I value that people have high self-responsibility, a positive attitude, and a motivating environment to grow and learn. As we are in a world where work environments are changing towards a more remote way of working, I also value adaptability towards it. 

“I get motivated by seeing that we all in Symbio work towards a common goal. Having good co-operation between each part of the company and knowing that we are helping our customers succeed. Receiving positive feedback from our customers is a great motivator to do even more and give that extra boost to improve even better on our deliveries.”

The team I am working with is very versatile. It is great to work in a global company but still have the local feeling of Symbio when working with our Finnish team. Everyone knows each other, and even the lines are short when working with our Chinese and US colleagues. I enjoy working in a multicultural environment, and I believe this is a solid positive point in Symbio’s working culture. 

In the free time, I enjoy being outdoors and spend time with my wife and two children. I am working from Espoo office and living in the countryside about 65 km from the office. The difference between working in the city and living in the countryside gives me energy. I enjoy doing things around my house. Forest work, garden work, walks with the dog, and especially enjoying Finnish Spring and Summer outside. Also, going twice per week to the gym gives me energy.