What if You?

  • Learned more about your customers

  • Were able to grasp the essence of your problems

  • Discovered faster the best ideas

  • Could uncover the hidden creativity of your organization

When Symbio Design Sprint

High Stakes

Your problem feels like too big to handle and will take a lot of money and time to solve. A sprint helps you to steer in the right direction.

Just Plain Stuck

You are stuck with your product. Maybe you’ve lost momentum. A sprint can boost your creativity and give a fresh perspective to the problem.

Not Enough Time

You are running out of time. You need good solutions, fast. A sprint is build for speed.

Traditional Product Cycle (several months to years)
Symbio 5-day Design Sprint Cycle


Symbio Design sprint


February 8

warm up

Day is reserved for our Design Sprint experts to make you and your experts comfortable with the idea of spending one hectic week to tackle your biggest challenges.

  • Select right team
  • Choose right challenge
  • Clear calendar for participants
February 8

Monday – unpack

Set long term goal i.e. north star guiding every action taken to solve the challenge. Meet customers and experts to unpack everything there is to know about the task at hand.

Outcome is visualized goal for the rest of the week.

  • Set long term goal
  • Meet users and experts
  • Visualize the challenge and set goal
February 8

Tuesday – sketch

Amazing innovations are built on existing ideas, repurposed with vision. Tuesday will give you tools to reach that. Your team will produce as many ideas as possible to address the selected target.

  • Get inspired by others
  • Iterate through ideas
  • Sketch and improve
February 8

Wednesday – decide

Prioritize ideas using structured critique and voting. Then decide what gets tested and develop a storyboard to illustrate main components that will be prototyped.

  • Speed critique, vote and decide
  • Storyboard minimal viable product
  • Pick tools to be used for prototype
February 8

Thursday – prototype

Divide and conquer to rapidly prototype selected idea. Everyone in the team will contribute to fake it until you make it good enough for Friday. You will also create test script and do trial runs to make sure that everything is in place for testing.

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Stitch it together
  • Create test script and do trial run
February 8

Friday – Test

You test your idea with real customers and get real feedback. From feedback you will identify patterns and match them with your long term goal.

  • Interviews and prototype demos
  • Observe and collect feedback
  • Find patterns
February 8

cool down

Sprint is done and you’ve regained focus with validated idea. During the sprint there was rush of great ideas. Our experts will make sure that those will not be forgotten and will find their way into your backlog. We will also coach you to continue your path towards north star chosen on Monday.

  • Focus and direction with validated idea
  • Sketches for maybe laters in your backlog


Jarkko Kemppainen

Head of Innovation
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Ville Kankainen

Chief Innovation Executive
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Olli Vertanen

Chief Innovation Executive
Twitter: @overtane

Tommi Pääkkö

Chief Innovation Executive
Twitter: @TommiPaakko

We are looking for creative minds in Helsinki region, contact Jarkko if you are interested in joining the team!

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