Congratulations on Symbio Smart Auto 2.0 (Elysian) winning the 2019 Beijing CIFTIS Technology Innovation Award

On May 31, 2019, the top service demonstration cases of the 2019 Beijing CIFTIS (China International Fair for Trade in Services) were officially announced. The award ceremony has received widespread attention from relevant institutions and enterprises.

In the 2019 CIFTIS, the organizing committee selected 100 cases to receive five category awards including Practical Service, Technology Innovation Service, Business Innovation Service, Global Strategy Service, and DevOps Service. Symbio’s Smart Auto 2.0 (Elysian) product has been successfully selected for the Technology Innovation Service award. Our CEO Jeff Wu and Automotive Practice Head Kari J Kauppi attended the award ceremony. Let’s walk through the scene to witness the unforgettable moment!

I. Service Demonstration Award Ceremony

Technology Innovation Award

Symbio Smart Auto 2.0 (Elysian) demo product was displayed on the main exhibition floor of the National Convention Center.

II. Introduction of the Awarded Product

Symbio Smart Auto 2.0 (Elysian) is a comprehensive information entertainment product for the future – an infotainment solution specifically designed for automakers. With excellent support for modern architecture and agile development methods, Elysian can quickly turn around the new features and functions. Industry-proven software components with automatic remote software update work together to deliver leading value and cost-effectiveness, pre-certified for all major mobile and connectivity solutions. Smart Auto provides rich features, including tuner capabilities for all radio systems worldwide, media player features, sound effects, rear view camera support, vehicle control, Bluetooth connectivity, hands-free phone management and optional navigation. Symbio Smart Auto technical stack covers the high performance and pre-certification implementation of all smartphone standards including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Baidu CarLife and Smart Device Link. Both Android Auto Wireless and CarPlay-over-wireless are supported. In addition to 2019 CIFTIS Technology Innovation Award that was received this time, Symbio Smart Auto 2.0 (Elysian) has also successfully won the 2018 CES Technology Innovation Top 30 Award.


III. Symbio Showcase

During Beijing CIFTIS, Symbio booth was located on the main exhibition floor. We displayed a great selection of Symbio Smart Products such as Smart Auto, Smart Shopping, Smart Warehouse, Smart Safety, Smart City, Smart FoodBar, and Smart Testing, etc All of these new concepts and technology solutions have attracted many people. Here are some of highlights.

IV. Symbio Strengths

Symbio, a global technology services company dedicated to designing, creating software and customer experiences that appeal to millions of consumers with zero distance. As a brand of VXI Global Solutions, Symbio is the global leader in customer service centers and digital transformation services including product development, testing, deployment, and support. Our state-of-the-art technology and content center specialization enables us to provide our customers with technical knowledge advantages including consulting, designing, building, testing, operational innovation, and other IT solutions. Such solutions effectively combine customer’s business and products with cloud computing and cutting-edge computing technology.



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