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CIOReview December 23rd 2018 Edition Cover Story

CIOReview.com December 23rd 2018 ” China and India are both markets that offer great access to talent. We ended up selecting Symbio as they had the exact mix of skill sets and industry expertise that were needed for the project and the team also was a good cultural fit “ Headquartered in San Jose, California, […]

Artificial Intelligence – End of Enlightenment or More Thinking for Us?

Reflect on the evolvement of Artificial Intelligence: How machines are surpassing human capabilities. Whatever your context, you might be wondering what Artificial Intelligence is and how it might influence your work, business or society. Hefty subjects. The public discourse on socio-economic impacts of AI is thriving. This summer kicked off with Henry Kissinger’s reflections on […]

How to Harness Motion into Digital Services?

Motion is everywhere and with the rise of wearables and sensorhub devices, it can now be tracked within everyday items. How about harnessing those into digital services? In order to accomplish that Symbio has partnered with Finnish sporting goods company Amer Sports. Amer Sports is focusing on leveraging technological developments for their high end globally […]

Conversational Commerce – dialog between a machine and a human opens up new possibilities for developing customer service and customer experience

Did you know that your cellphone contains already a software that recognizes voice and allows conversation between the operating system and a human? Conversational Commerce is a trend that some consumers have already adopted. In business-to-business and business-to-customer contexts, Conversational Commerce offers completely new opportunities for developing customer service and customer experience. At the moment, […]

Symbio pushes the intelligent vehicle into the mainstream

Press Release January 9th 2018 Cars and technologies age at different times: Elysian software keeps the car’s infotainment system up-to-date with the driver’s mobile phone Symbio has announced a new technology that enables car manufacturers to provide cost-effective infotainment systems to their cars. Software named Elysian keeps the system up-to-date with the driver’s own cell […]

New technologies – New opportunities to QA

What will change in 2018 in the field of QA? In software development there are always a lots of new opportunities and challenges coming and going. Usage and adoption of existing technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, AI and Machine Learning will continue and I’m sure some new ones will step in as well. Quality Assurance […]

Symbio and DENSO will establish an innovation center in Finland

Press Release 27.11.2017 Symbio and DENSO will establish an innovation center in Finland The software company Symbio will establish, together with DENSO, one of the leading automotive component manufacturers, a joint innovation center in Finland. The innovation center will be based in Symbio’s premises in Espoo, Finland. “The automotive industry is facing major disruption. Electric […]

Konecranes and Symbio use artificial intelligence and robotics to develop an autonomous warehouse

Press Release 21.11.2017 Konecranes and Symbio use artificial intelligence and robotics to develop an autonomous warehouse Konecranes and Symbio have agreed on a partnership to develop an intelligent autonomous warehouse. The partnership brings together Konecrane’s expertise on automated warehouses and Symbio’s capabilities in software engineering. The collaboration will deliver an intelligent robotic warehouse able to […]