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Crowdification Is In Full Swing

You don’t need much more evidence than the latest numbers from Kickstarter to understand that crowdification is in full swing: Dollars pledged to projects: $112,038,158 Average pledged per day: $1,244,868 Successfully funded projects: 4,497 Total backers: 887,848 Nearly a million people backed nearly 5000 projects to the tune of over $100 million. The crowd is […]

Innovation Is Not Marketing

Too often, the whole concept of innovation, and I mean, real, true innovation, is kind of a foreign thing to many companies. They treat their whole innovation function as simply a marketing play, not even an R&D play. They spend a ton of money, time and resources to develop cool new things, only to kill […]

The Web Is 25 Today

If you think about it – not a lot has changed since the web was born 25 years ago – we still use browsers – even though some have come and gone and have been reborn again – even thought we’ve seen a huge uptick towards mobile, even there we use mobile browsers to view […]

Symbio & Freeborders: Stronger Together

Merger with Freeborders adds new vertical expertise and critical new services for the Global Software Product R&D Powerhouse.  San Francisco and San Jose, CA – November 5, 2013  – Symbio and Freeborders, Inc. jointly announced today that they have formally executed a merger. The combined company will become one of the world’s largest software product […]