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VXI and Symbio> why we’re stronger now

Today, companies need to be able to turn customer insight into new products and services in a rapid pace.  The recent merging of Symbio, a co-creative provider of Outsourced Product Development (OPD) that works with companies to find innovative solutions, and VXI a BPO and ITO service, has resulted in a combination of capabilities giving […]

March 2-5: Mobile World Congress

We will be attending Mobile World Congress in Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain on March 2nd to March 5. MWC is the worlds largest exhibition for the mobile industry.   The conference will focus on mobile communications from wearable devices to connected cars and homes. Come see us! We will be at booth 5C43   […]

Robots rule everything around me

Robots today are popping up everywhere, and can help in all stages of business. If you haven’t seen the  “robot dogs” recently acquired by Google, we’ve provided a sample video below.  They are quite remarkable, able to correct their stance, walk up rough terrain, and though I can honestly say the first time I saw them I […]

Machine Age: v 2.0

Things have been happening exponentially fast over the past several years, and at the dawn of 2015, lets take a deep breath and embrace the myriad of unexpected things to come.  Whenever a major game changing technology comes about, whether it be the invention of the steam engine, electricity, or the computer, there are always pessimists and […]

A device to accelerate the IoT: Thingsee!

We are very pleased to share that our partner, Haltian, has created a new device that will change the way developers and everyday people utilize the Internet of things (I0T): Thingsee. Stepping over the hurdle that is hardware development in the software development process, this new device is stuffed with sensors and has wifi capability, […]

Innovation and Banking: Co-creatively Moving Forward

Today everything in business seems to be about catering ease to the customer.  Advancements have opened a whole slew of doors to do just that, and whomever provides the most ease will get the most customers.  Hard to believe that some systems, like banking, are still lagging innovation wise.  To be fair, converting old ways […]

Engineering and Neuroscience

Wearable devices coming out on the market in the near future will really bring new meaning to the phrase “mind over matter”. Brainwaves are key; whether they be interpreting them for synthetic telepathy or communicating with your dog, or even manipulating them to make you calmer or happier. Along with new technology having much to […]

How Bono could have Avoided Apologizing

  Perhaps you heard the screams of outrage coming from your neighbors houses when they discovered U2 had unceremoniously invaded their iTunes. Reactions varied all along the spectrum between delighted and outraged, and whatever your feelings about it, the response was enough to extract an apology from Bono. We can’t help but wonder if there […]

What to Expect When You’re Expecting… A New Apple iPad

Today marks yet another annual pagan tradition of harvest, Apple’s unveiling of their newest products at an event in our very own Cupertino.  The inevitable upgrades have been speculated to be the latest Apple iPad, also named the iPad Air 2, as well as the Retina iPad mini, the newest OS Yosemite, and perhaps Apple Pay […]