At Symbio we help our customers to innovate and to create new business and experiences with Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

For us Artificial Intelligence represents a toolbox with many different and capable individual tools. Some of the tools are fit for reasoning and problem-solving while others might be good for knowledge representation or planning. Further tools allow for natural language or for perception while other create possibilities for motion and manipulation. There’s also a bit of social intelligence and creativity in the toolbox.

The learning capabilities have developed at high pace. This is creating many new opportunities. These capabilities power many of the tools in the toolbox and allow real world solutions to get better over time. Just a bit of raw materials, in other words data, is needed.

Get started with Artificial Intelligence

We encourage our customers to think of Artificial Intelligence as a toolbox that is in fact generic rather than specific. Because of this generality the set of tools is applicable across a wide range of industries and can create value in different contexts. It might be a consumer grade device or an industrial service that gets powered by Artificial Intelligence to create new experiences and to change the game.

The toolbox is also readily available. Cloud based delivery models allow for easy, fast and cost-efficient implementation. Technology suppliers like Symbio are creating possibilities to deploy Artificial Intelligence at the edge. While we have partnerships with many key suppliers we are technology agnostic. Whether it is a leading cloud vendor or a small device supplier we find it easy to collaborate, co-create and to develop ecosystems that provide value for all.

Our services range from Innovation to Delivery. With us it is innovation by design – not by accident. We are a software engineering and R&D house at the heart – whether it’s Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Sensors, Embedded Software, Connectivity, Cloud, Web or Mobile, we got it covered.

If you are checking boxes with most of those – that’s our sweet spot.

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